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Chapter 9 Class 12 Differential Equations

Learn Chapter 9 Differential Equations of Class 12 for free with solutions of all NCERT Questions for CBSE Maths


First, we learned How to differentiate functions (In Chapter 5), then how to integrate them (in Chapter 7). 

In differential equations, 

we are given an equation like

dy/dx = 2x + 3

and we need to find y


An equation of this form

dy/dx = g(x) 

is known as a differential equation.


In this chapter, we will

  • Study what is the degree and order of a differential equation
  • Then find general and particular solution of it.
  • We will learn how to form a differential equation, if the general solution is given
  • Then, finding general solution using variable separation method
  • Finding General Solution of a Homogeneous Differential Equation
  • And, solving Linear Differential Equations


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