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Chapter 10 Class 11 Straight Lines

Get solutions of Chapter 10 Class 11 Straight Lines of the NCERT Book. Answers of all exercise questions, examples and miscellaneous are provided for your reference.


Let's see what this chapter is all about.

We learned about Coordinate Geometry in Class 10. In this chapter, we will

  • Revise our Coordinate Geometry concepts (Distance between points, Section Formula, Area of triangle) and solve some questions 
  • What is slope of a line, and different methods to find it (angle, 2 points)
  • Finding angle between two lines using slope
  • Checking if lines are parallel or perpendicular, using slope
  • Proving three points collinear using slope (Slope of AB = Slope of BC)
  • Then, we study equation of lines
  • Equation of lines parallel to x and y axis
  • Slope of lines parallel to x and y axis
  • Equation of line when 1 point and slope is given
  • Equation of line when 2 points are given
  • Equation of line when slope and intercept is given(both x intercept and y intercept)
  • Equation of line when both x and y intercepts are given (Equation of line in intercept form)
  • Equation of line in normal form
  • General Equation of line, and converting any equation into General Form
  • Finding Distance of a point from the line
  • Finding Distance between two parallel lines
  • Distance of a point from a line along a line
  • Mix Questions using all the concepts


You can check out the solutions by clicking the exercise links below, or learn the concepts (with questions), the NCERT way.