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Chapter 3 Class 10 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

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We studied Linear Equations in Two Variables in Class 9, we will study pair of linear equations in this chapter.

In this chapter, we will learn

  • What are Linear Equations in Two Variables
  • Converting statements into Equations, and drawing graph of those linear equations
  • Possible Type of Graphs for Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables - Two Lines Intersecting, Two lines Parallel, Coincident Lines
  • Finding solution of equations from graphs
  • Consistency of equations  by finding ratio of a1/a2, b1/b2, c1/c2
  • and checking whether lines are 
    • Intersecting Lines (Exactly one solution - unique)
    • Coincident Lines (Infinitely many solutions)
    • Parallel Lines (No solutions)
  • Solving Pair of Linear Equations by 
    • Substitution Method
    • Elimination Method
    • Cross Multiplication Method
  • Solving complicated equations like 2/x + 3/y = 4 by substituting variables (like putting p = 1/x, q = 1/y and solving)
  • Solving Statement Questions by first forming equations, and then solving


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