Chapter 4 Class 9 Linear Equations in Two Variables

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Linear equations are equations where power of the variable is 1. 

For example - x2 + x + 1 = 0 is not a linear equation as power of x is 2. 

But x + y = 1 is a linear equation as power of x and y is 1.


We will be studying Linear Equations in 2 variables in this chapter

The topics we will be covering in this chapter are, 

  • General form of Linear Equations - ax + by + c = 0
  • Solution of a Linear Equation
  • Graph of linear equations in two variables, using the methods we have studied in Coordinate Geometry of Class 9.
  • Making graph of linear equations by forming a linear equation
  • Equations of lines of the form x = 3 and y = 1, in number line as well as graph.


Check out the topics and excercises below to study and practice Linear Equations for Class 9. We'll be studying a pair of linear equations in Class 10, which involves solving 2 equations instead of 1.