What is Nucleus of Cell

It is center  part of cells.

It is spherical in shape

It has different parts like

  1. Nuclear Membrane
  2. Nucleolus and
  3. Chromosomes

Different Parts of Nucleus

It has different parts like


Nuclear Membrane

It is outer skin or layer of nucleus

It separates nucleus from the Cytoplasm

This membrane is also porous and allows movement of material between the cytoplasm and inside the nucleus

Some cells do not have it which is called Eukaryotic cells

Cells which have it are called  Prokaryotic Cells



It is small spherical body inside nucleus

Its function we will study in higher classes



They are thread like structures

They carry genes which transfer character from parents to offsprings


What are genes

Unit of inheritance in a living body is known as Genes

It controls the transfer of hereditary characteristics from parents to offsprings


Do All Nucleus have Nuclear Membrane?


Some cells have nuclear materials but no membrane

They are called prokaryotic cells

And the organisms with such cells are known as Prokaryotes

Cells having an organized nucleus and a nuclear membrane are known as Eukaryotic cells .

And the organisms other than Bacteria and Blue Green Al gae such cells are known as Eukaryotes .




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(b) Nucleus of a cell

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  2. Chapter 8 Class 8 - Cell - Structure and Function

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