There are 3 main parts of cell

  • Cell Membrane
  • Nucleus
  • Cytoplasm


In addition, plants also have cell wall as shown below


Cell Membrane

It is the outer covering of cells

It separates one cell from other cell

It is porous (allows liquid to pass through)

So, it helps movement of substances both inside and outside the cell



It is center part of cells.

It is spherical in shape

It has different parts like Nuclear Membrane, Nucleolus and Chromosomes


It is jelly like substance between  cell membrane and nucleus

it has different parts like vacuoles ,plastids etc

All these are called organelles of cells

Summary -Comparison Plant Cell and Animal Cells


Animals Cells

Plants Cell

There are 3 parts

There are 4 parts

Cell Membrane

Cell Membrane






Cell Wall



Main Parts of cells Cell membrane Main boundary of cell + Cell Wall Plant cells also have additional outer thick layer called Cell Wall This cell wall is present only in plant cells (not present in animal cels) Cytoplasm Jelly like Substance It has different parts called organelles Example - Vacuoles They are empty looking spaces which store salt, sugar and waste products Plastid They are several small colored bodies They give cells their color Example- Chloroplasts give green color to plants They are present in plants only Nucleus It is center part of cells. It is spherical in shape It has different parts like Nuclear Membrane It is Outer skin or layer of Nucleus Some cells do not have it which is called Prokaryotic cells Cells which have it are called Eukaryotic Cells Nucleolus It is small spherical body inside nucleus Chromosomes They are thread like structures inside nucleus They carry genes which transfer character from parents to human beings

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