Can cells be seen by naked eye?

Most of the cells cannot be seen through our naked eyes, we need a magnifying glass to see them

But  few cells can be seen through our naked eyes


Egg of a Hen is a Cell, It can be seen through naked eyes


What is the size of the cell

Cells are usually very small (microscopic in nature) which means they cannot be seen through the naked eyes

Size of the cell does not relate to the size of the body

It is related to the function it performs


Name of Cell

Size (Length)

Bacteria Mycoplasma

(Smallest cell)

0.0001 mm

Red blood Cell

0.009 mm  

Liver Cell


Human egg

0.1 mm

Humming bird egg

13 mm

Hen egg

60 mm

Ostrich egg (Biggest cell)


1 micrometer = 1/1000 mm

1 mm = 1/1000 m


Do larger organisms have bigger cells?

No, size of the cell has no relation with the size of the organism

It is not necessary that cells in elephant will be bigger than cells in rat

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