TDS Return Basically Contains following types of Details

1.Deductor Details

(Details of Our Company who is filling TDS Return)

2, Challan Details

(Details of Monthly TDS Challans  which we have filed)

3. Deductee Details Challan vise

(Details of Different Parties whose TDS we have deducted in one challlan)



It is normally done through some TDS Return Software

Some of these softwares are Paid while Government also provides a free software called RPU (Return Preparation Utility)



How to Download RPU Software --->Services--->etds/TCS RPU---->Click RPU for Quarterly returns

or Click


  1. Go to
    1 image RPU.jpg


  2. Click Services then e-TDS/TCS
    2 image RPU.jpg


  3. Click e-TDS/e-TCS RPU
    3 image RPU.jpg

  4. Now click to  Download RPU version 1.9
    4 image RPU.jpg




  1. Tax Practical
  2. Practical TDS (Non Salary)

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