Form No 

Challan 281


Due Date

It is normally 7th of next month of Tax Deducted

However for March,it is 30th April in case of TDS Non Salary and TDS Salary

TDS Challan Due dates.jpg


Deductee Co or Non (can be both)  Only Non Co.
Section 194J, 194C, 194I etc 192( Only one section)
Tds Only Tax (Basic) Tax +Cess
Challan No. 281 281
Return 26Q, 27Q 24Q
Date of Deduction

Tds on Bill



(Which ever is Earlier)

Tds on Payment of Salary

Bill Of 30 April

Paid on 5th May                               

Salary of April Paid on 5th May
Date of Deduction 30-Apr 5-May
Date of Deposit 7th May 7th June

Procedure for TDS Challan

It can be paid both

  • Online (Through Netbanking)
  • Offline (Through Cash or Cheque)


Lets study both one by one

  1. Tax Practical
  2. Practical TDS (Non Salary)
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