TDS Certificate is of 2 types

  1. Form 16A for TDS NON SALARY
    (to be given quarterly 15 days of due date of TDS Return) 

  2. Form 16 for TDS SALARY
    (to be given annually by 31 May of next year)

  3. Form 16B for TDS on sale of property.
    (to be given by buyer to seller 15 days from due date of filing 26QB)

  4. Form 16C for TDS on personal rent.
    (to be given by 15 days from due date of filing 26QC)


(for FY 2018-19 Form 16 to be issued by 10.07.2019)



Return Form 27EQ and certificate Form 27D for TCS.

(to be given by 15 days from due date for furnishing the statement)


Changes in date of issue of TDS / TCS certificate due to lockdown

However, Due to the lockdown, The Government has extended the date of issue of the certificate as follows




Form 16A  Example



Form 16  Example

Xebia_form16-001.jpg Xebia_form16-002.jpg Xebia_form16-003.jpg Xebia_form16-004.jpg Xebia_form16-005.jpg Xebia_form16-006.jpg


Form 16B Example

Vimal Tds Certificate for Teachoo upload.jpg



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