Like terms have same variables

Unlike terms have different variables


Let’s look at some examples


2π‘₯, 3π‘₯

2π‘₯ & 3π‘₯ have the same variable π‘₯

So they are like terms


3π‘₯ 2 y, 2yπ‘₯ 2

3x 2 y has variable π‘₯ 2 y

2yx 2 has variable yπ‘₯ 2 i.e π‘₯ 2 y                      (As x 2 y = yπ‘₯ 2 )

So, they are like terms


−4π‘₯y, 3xy

−4π‘₯y has variable π‘₯y

   3π‘₯y has variable π‘₯y

−4xy and 3xy have same variable xy.

So, they are like terms.


4π‘₯y, 3π‘₯

4π‘₯y has variable π‘₯y

3π‘₯ has variable π‘₯

4π‘₯y, 3π‘₯ have different variables.

So, they are unlike terms.


21z, 39z

21z  has variable z

39z has Variable z

21z and 39z has same variable z

So, they are like terms.


8, 9

Since both 8 & 9 do not have a variable


∴ They are like terms


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