Suppose our expression is

    2๐‘ฅ − 3


Here we consider terms other than constant




Number multiplied to the variable is the coefficient

Here, 2 is the coefficient of 2x


For 4x 3 − 9xyz

Coefficient of a Term - Part 2


For 25x + y

Coefficient of a Term - Part 3


For 15๐‘ฅy − 25y + 18

Coefficient of a Term - Part 4




  1. Chapter 12 Class 7 Algebraic Expressions
  2. Concept wise


For 4x3 โˆ’ 9xyz 4๐‘ฅ3 = 4 ร— ๐‘ฅ3 So 4 is the coefficient of ๐‘ฅ3 โˆ’9xyz = โ€“9 ร— xyz So, โˆ’9 is the coefficient of xyz For 25x + y 25x = 25 ร— ๐‘ฅ So, 25 is the coefficient of ๐‘ฅ y = 1 ร— y So, 1 is the coefficient of y For 15๐‘ฅy โˆ’ 25y + 18 15๐‘ฅy = 15 ร— ๐‘ฅ ร— y So 15 is the coefficient of xy โˆ’25y = โˆ’25 ร— y So, โˆ’25 is the Coefficient of y

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