So who all are there in your family?

सो हु आल आर देअर इन योर फैमिली (आपकी परिवार में कौन कौन है )

There are total 5 members in my family, I, my father, my mother, my elder brother and younger sister

देअर आर टोटल 5 मेंबर्स इन माय फैमिली, मी, माई फादर, माई मदर, माई एल्डर ब्रदर , माई यंगर सिस्टर (मेरे परिवार में कुल 5 सदस्य हैं, मेरे, मेरे पिता, मेरी मां, मेरे बड़े भाई और छोटी बहन)

What does you father do

व्हट डज यू फादर डू (आप पिता क्या करते हैं?)

He is a teacher

ही इस ए टीचर (वह एक टीचर है)

What about your mother

व्हट अबाउट योर मदर (तुम्हारी मम्मी क्या करती है?)

She is a housewife

शी इस ए हाउसवाइफ (वह एक हाउसवाइफ है)

What about your siblings

व्हट अबाउट योर सिब्लिंग्स (और आपके भाई बहनों क्या करते है ?)

My elder brother works in a software company and my younger sister is studying

माई एल्डर ब्रदर वर्क्स इन ए सॉफ्टवेयर कंपनी एंड माई यंगर माई सिस्टर इस इस (मेरा बड़ा भाई एक सॉफ्टवेयर कंपनी में काम करता है और मेरी छोटी बहन पढ़ रही है)

Oh nice

ओह नाइस (ओह अच्छा)

So what does your father do

सो व्हट डज योर फादर डू (तो आपके पिता जी क्या करते है ?)

My father is a businessman

माई फादर इस ए बिजनेसमैन (मेरे पिता जी एक बिजनेसमैन है )

What about your mother?

व्हट अबाउट योर मदर (और आपकी मम्मी ?)

My mother is a housewife

माई मदर इस ए हाउसवाइफ (मेरी मम्मी हाउसवाइफ है )

And what about your siblings?

एंड व्हट अबाउट योर सिब्लिंग्स (और भाई - बहन ?)

My elder brother works in a call center

माई एल्डर ब्रदर वर्क्स इन ए कॉल सेन्टर (मेरा बड़ा भाई कॉल सेन्टर में काम करता है )

My younger sister is in college

माई यंगर सिस्टर इस इन कॉलेज (मेरी बड़ी बहन कॉलेज में है)




Discussing Family

Different Family Members

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Wife
  • Son
  • Daughter


Translate in English

So how many people in your family


Main apne husband ke sath rehti Hamare 2 bache hai

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Meri family main sirf teen log hai,main,mere mata aur pita.Mere koi bhai behan nahi hai

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Main apni bhai ki family ke sath yaha rehta hu

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Main Delhi akela rehta hu,baki family hometown main hai

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Extended Family Members

So what does your parents do?


Mere pita doctor hai,maa ghar sambhalti hai

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Mere mata pita dono doctor hain

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Mere pita ji army se retired hai.Meri mummy ab is duniya main nahi hai

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  • I am a doctor - We use 'am' with I
  • My father is a doctor - We use 'is' because 'My father' is singular
  • My mother is a doctor - We use 'is' because 'My mother' is singular
  • My parents are doctors - We use 'are' because 'My parents' are singular


What do you do?

  • I am a doctor
  • I am an accountant


What does your father do?

  • My father is a doctor
  • My father is an accountant
  • My parents are accountants

Sometimes we use "s" with verbs

However, sometimes we do not use


  1. He speaks English
  2. She speaks English
  3. I speak English
  4. We speak English
  5. You speak English
  6. They speak English
  7. These people speak English
  8. Vikas speaks English
  9. Vikas and Iqbal speak English


When to use 's'?

  1. If it is singular, we use 's'
  2. If it is plural, we do not use 's'
  3. But With 'I', 'You',  we do not use 's'



  1. I work in a software company - We do not use 's' with I
  2. He works in a software company - We use 's' because 'He' is singular
  3. They work in CA Firm - We do not use 's' because 'they' is plural


More Examples

So what does your siblings do?


Mere koi bhai behan nahi hai

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Mera bhai Indian army main hai.Chhota bhai padhai kar raha hai

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Mera ek bada bhai hai jo USA main rehta hai

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