Here, we will learn how to tell about out past



  • Where we lived
  • Where we studied
  • What was our last job?


Difference between Present and Past Tense

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Important First and Second Form of Verbs

All verb forms are same

Present Past
cost cost
cast cast
hit hit
hurt hurt
shut shut
upset upset

All 3 forms are different

Present Past
go went
ring rang
do did
ride rode
drink drank
lie lay


Second and Third Form are Same

Present Past
tell told
taste tasted
stay stayed
shine shone
rain rained
print printed
buy bought


In Second and third form  we add 'ed'

Present Past
carry carried
cause caused
add added
tax taxed
treat treated
walk walked
work worked
ask asked
box boxed


In third form we add 'en'

Present Past
break broke
fall fell
forget forgot
choose chose
give gave
speak spoke


What was your previous job?

व्हॉट वॉस योर प्रीवियस जॉब? (तुम पहले कहाँ काम करते थे?)

I worked at Infosys for two years. Then I joined IBM.

आई वर्कड एट इनफ़ोसिस फॉर टू इयर्स। देन आई जोइनेड आई बी ऍम। (मैंने पहले इनफ़ोसिस में काम किया दो साल। अब मैं आई बी ऍम में करता हूँ। )

Oh! Great

ओह! ग्रेट (ओह! बढ़िया )

What about you?

व्हॉट अबाउट यू? (तुम बताओ ?)

This is my first job.

दिस इस माई फर्स्ट जॉब। (ये मेरी पहली नौकरी हैं।)


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So where did you do schooling from?

सो वेयर डीड यू स्कूलिंग फ्रॉम? (तो तुमने स्कूल कहाँ से किया?)

I did schooling from St Michael

आई डीड स्कूलिंग फ्रॉम सेंट माइकल (मैंने सेंट माइकल से किया। )

Hey I too did my schooling from St. Michael

हे आई डीड माई स्कूलिंग फ्रॉम सेंट माइकल (हे मैंने भी सेंट माइकल से किया। )

Which batch

व्हिच बैच (कौनसा बैच था ? )

2014 batch, what about you?

2014 बैच, व्हॉट अबाउट यू ? (2014 बैच था और तुम्हारा ?)

I graduated in 2017

आई ग्रजुएटेड इन 2017 (मैं 2017 में ग्रैजुएट हुआ था।)


So what does your father do?

सो व्हॉट डस योर फादर डू? (तो तुम्हारे पिता क्या करते हैं ?)

He is now retired

ही इस नाओ रिटायर्ड। (वो अब सेवा मुक्त हैं। )

What did he do earlier?

व्हॉट डीड ही डू अर्लियर? (पहले क्या थे ?)

He was a bank employee

ही वॉस अ बैंक एम्प्लोयी। (वो बैंक में कर्मचारी थे।)


Convert the sentences to past tense:

I am a student.

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He is a teacher

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I and Rahul are friends

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I study in a college.

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I work in Google.

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I like to read newspaper.

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I live with my family.

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Translate the following

Mai Ramjas college me tha

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Mai Assistant Manager tha , ab main Senior Manager hu

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Mai pehle business karta tha, ab job main hu

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Mai state level pe football player tha

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Mai Gorakhpur me paida hua

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What was your previous job?

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Where did you complete your studies?

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Where are you from?

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