Suppose you want to ask what the person does for a living,what will you say?

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So what do you do?

सो व्हॉट डू यू डू? (तो तुम क्या करते हो?)

I am a teacher

आई ऍम ए टीचर। (मैं अध्यापिका हूँ । )

What about you?

व्हॉट अबाउट यू (और तुम?)

I am an accountant

आई ऍम एन अकाउंटेंट। (मैं अकाउंटेंट हूँ। )

Oh! Great

ओह! ग्रेट (ओह! बढ़िया)




Sometimes we use 'a' 

Sometimes we do not use 'an'




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Different Professions




Which one is Correct?

I am a Student


I am an Student

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I am an Accountant


I am a Accountant

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I am an Computer Engineer


I am a Computer Engineer

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I am an Teacher


I am a Teacher

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I am an Businessman


I am a  Businessman

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