Here, We will discuss how to tell about our future plans



  • What we want to become
  • Where we will like to live or work

So what do you become in future?

सो व्हॉट डू यू बिकम इन फ्यूचर? (तुम भविष्य में क्या बनना चाहते हो?)

I want to become a doctor

आई वांट टू बिकम अ डॉक्टर (मैं डॉक्टर बनना चाहता हूँ। )

What about you

व्हॉट अबाउट यू (और तुम?)

I will be a teacher

आई विल बी अ टीचर? (मैं अध्यापिका बनूँगी।)


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Are you married?

आर यू मैरिड? (क्या तुम शादीशुदा हो?)

No sir, not yet

नो सर, नॉट येट (नहीं सर, अभी तक नहीं। )

When do you plan to get married

व्हेन डू यू प्लेन टू गेट मैरिड? (शादी करने का कब इरादा हैं?)

I should be married by the end of this year

आई शुड बी मैरिड बाई द एन्ड ऑफ़ दिस ईयर। (मेरी शादी इस के आखिरी तक चाहिए।)


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Difference between Will be and Should be

Will be  means something that is sure to happen


  • I will become a teacher
  • I will go to London on 6th July


Should be means that something must happen in the future (we are not sure about it)


  • I should graduate in three years
  • I should get married by November


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Fill in the blanks:

  1. I will live in England. (live)
  2. They will be teachers(be)
  3. She will be a great musician(be)
  4. He will play (play)
  5. They will like each other after few days. (like)
  6. Sneha will sing a song at the upcoming event. (sing)


Convert the following in past and future tense:

I speak English fluently

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I am the managing director of Coco Cola, India.

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I cook food for my family

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I play cricket every day with my friends

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I go for a walk every morning

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Where will you be in 5 years?

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Translate the following:

Mai CEO banunga

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Sneha America jaegi 15 din baad

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Rahul graduation ke baad job karega

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Mai apni mummy ke sath shopping jayungi.

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Aaj raat, mai ek movie dekhungi

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Mai aur mere dost ka ek cafe jayenge

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Saumya ek dancer banegi

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Raghav Mumbai me do din ke liye rhega

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