Question 1

Download following excel file


Rename Sheet 1 as 2015 Salary

In 2016,each employee got increase of Rs 2000 on Basic,Make Salary Sheet of 2016 in same excel file


In 2017,each employee basic increased by 10% compared to 2016, Also DA became 30% of Basic.

Make Salary Sheet of 2017 in same excel file


In 2018,each employee basic decreased by 20% compared to 2017, Also Incentive became triple of (Basic + Special) 


Now make PF Sheet from 2015 to 2018 in following format

Employee Name 2015 PF 2016 PF 2017 PF 2018 PF Total PF Minimum PF Maximum PF Average PF

Question 2

Download following Excel File

Rename Sheet 1 as Quarter 1

 In Quarter 2  ( as compared to quarter 1 ) : :

  1. Quantity increased by 30%
  2. Rate decreased by Rs 1
  3. Vat Rate Became 6%

In Quarter 3 (as compared to quarter 2) :

  1. Quantity decreased by 20%
  2. Rate became double
  3. Commission became Rs 3 per quantity

Make Commission detail of Quarter 1 to Quarter 3 in following format

Name Quarter 1 Commission Quarter 2 Commission Quarter 3 Commission

Total Commission

Minimum  Commission

Maximum Commision

Average Commission



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