Earnings per equity share:

It means profit divided by number of equity shares.

Question 1

Profit Earned                  4000000
Share capital                    100000
(10000 shares @10 each)

Calculate EPS


Earning per Equity Share              400   (4000000/10000)

Note:-   We divide profit by number of shares and not share capital



Question 2

Profit Earned             4000000
Share capital               140000
Co had 10000 share of beginning of the year it issued 4000 share on 1 july

Calculate EPS


WEIGHTED AVG NO OF SHARES = 10000*3/12+14000*9/12 13000


WEIGHTED AVG NO OF SHARES = 10000*12/12+4000*9/12 13000

EPS = 4000000/13000 = 307.6923077



Question 3

Profit Earned                         4000000
Share capital                           100000
Co had 10000 shares during the year. it had received 20000 share application money.Next year 2000 shares will be issued @10 each

Calculate EPS


  1. Basic 400 (400000/10000)
  2. Diluted 333.3333333 (400000/12000)


Normally Basic and Diluted EPS are same,

However in Certain Cases,Diluted EPS can be different also like

  1. Share Application Money received but share not yet issued
  2. Convertible Bonds/Debentures/Preference Shares (which will be converted into shares)
  3. ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan(Shares issued to Employees)


Difference between

Basic EPS Diluted EPS
We take existing number of shares We take existing + future  shares for which liability has arisen.
It is usually more or equal to Diluted It is less or equal to Diluted because of higher denominator 

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