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How to Make Balance sheet as per Schedule III - Revised Schedule III Balance Sheet


Balance Sheet as at 31st March, 2017 Particulars I. EQUITY AND LIABILITIES (1) Shareholder's Funds (a) Share Capital ISSUED AND SUBSCRIBED SHARE CAPITAL (b) Reserves and Surplus PROFIT AND LOSS AND RESERVES IF ANY (c) Money received against share warrants SHARE WARRANTS ARE FREELY TRANSFERABLE(IT IS A RARE CO. FOR LARGE CO.) (2) Share application money pending allotment MONEY RECEIVED BUT SHARES NOT YET ISSUED (3) Non-Current Liabilities (a) Long-term borrowings LOANS REPAYABLE AFTER ONE YEAR(REFER WORKING NOTE)] (b) Deferred tax liabilities (Net) DTL (c) Other Long term liabilities ALL OTHER LIAB FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR (d) Long term provisions PROVISION FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR LIKE PROV FOR GRATUITY (4) Current Liabilities (a) Short-term borrowings LOANS REPAYABLE WITHIN ONE YEAR (REFER WORKING NOTE) (b) Trade payables SUNDRY CREDITORS (c) Other current liabilities ALL OTHER CURRENT LIABILITIES LIKE ADVANCE FROM CUSTOMER (d) Short-term provisions SHORT TERM PROVISIONS II.Assets (1) Non-current assets (a) Fixed assets (i) Tangible assets ASSETS WHICH WE CAN TOUCH(NET OF DEPR) (ii) Intangible assets ASSETS WHICH WE CANNOT TOUCH(NET OF AMORTISATION) (iii) Capital work-in-progress TANGIBLE ASSETS UNDER CONSTR (iv) Intangible assets under development INTANGIBLE ASSET NOT YET REGISTERED IN OUR NAME LIKE PATENT APPLIED NOT YET ALLOTED (b) Non-current investments INVESTMENTS FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR LIKE BONDS (c) Deferred tax assets (net) DTA (d) Long term loans and advances LOANS/ADVANCES WHICH WILL BE REPAID/SETTLED AFTER ONE YEAR (e) Other non-current assets ALL OTHER CURRENT ASSETS>1YEAR (2) Current assets (a) Current investments INVESTMENT UPTO 1 YEAR (b) Inventories CLOSING STOCK (c) Trade receivables SUNDRY DEBTORS (d) Cash and cash equivalents CASH,BANK,FD , IMPREST (e) Short-term loans and advances LOANS/ADVANCES TO BE SETTLED WITHIN ONE YEAR (f) Other current assets ALL OTHER ASSETS < 1 YEAR

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