Ex 15.1, 8 - Find mean deviation about median - CBSE - Mean deviation about median - Discrete Frequency

Ex 15.1,  8 - Chapter 15 Class 11 Statistics - Part 2


Ex15.1, 8 Find the mean deviation about the median for the data The given observations are already in ascending order. Adding a column corresponding to cumulative frequencies of the given data, we obtain the following table. c.f = cumulative frequency ∑128▒𝑓𝑖 = 29 ∑128▒𝑓𝑖 |𝑥𝑖 −M| = 148 ∴ Mean Deviation = (Σ 𝑓_𝑖 |𝑥_(𝑖 )− M|)/𝑓_𝑖 = 148/29 = 5.1

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