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Following TDS Rates are applicable for Financial Year 2019-2020 ( Assessment Year 2020-21)

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Important Sections TDS Chart

Section no. Description Cutoff Rate of TDS Examples
194I Rent of 180000 P.A 240000 P.A. (From 1 April 2019) 10% Office rent /godown rent/guesthouse rent
Land and Building or Furniture
Others like Plant and Machinery 2% Generator rent, machinery hire charges
194A Interest paid by Banks on FD/RD 10000 P.A. 40000 P.A. (From 1 April 2019)       (For Senior citizens 50000) 10% Savings bank interest not covered, only interest on fixed deposits and recurring deposits covered
194 A Interest paid by Others on Loan etc 5000 p.a 10% Interest on loan taken from banks or financial institutions not covered, only interest on loan from friends/relatives/related companies covered
194J Professional Service/Technical/Royalty/Non Compete fees 30000 p.a 10% Audit fees/Bills of professionals like CA/CWA/CS, or technical service providers or consultancies covered. Employees on contract which are white collared covered here
194H Commission/Brokerage 5000 p.a 15000 10%  5% Commission to broker/sales agent etc
194J(1)(b)(a) Payment to directors other than salary 0 10% Sitting fees to director/any payment other than salary
194 IA Purchase of Immovable property 5000000 1% On purchase of property more than 50 lacs, buyer has to deduct 1% and pay balance to party
194C Payment to Contractors 30000 Single Contract

or 100000 annual
1% for Individual and HUF (2% For Others like Partnership,

All other services like payment to Security guard/ courier/ maintenance agency/ cab service/ advertisement/ employees on contract which do blue collared or manual work like peon/driver etc
192 Withdrawal of Pf before 5 Years 30000 50000 10% If we withdraw our PF for before 5 years, then Pf department deduct 10% TDS.
194M Payment to resident contractors and professionals 50 Lac 5 % Individual receives a bill of advertisement charges for Rs. 5200000, TDS will be deducted 5% on 5200000
194N Tds on cash withdrawls Rs 1 crore 2% A person has an account in ICICI Bank.He has already withdrawn Rs. 99 lakh, He further withdraws Rs. 1 lakh, TDS will be deducted 2%

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