Political Science
Chapter 3 Class 10 Political Science - Gender, Religion and Caste

Examine the standard of women’s representation in India’s legislative bodies.



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Women’s representation in India’s legislative body:

  1. Central Legislature: Less than 10 percent of its total members are women.
  2. State Legislature: Less than 5 percent of its total members are women.
  3. Panchayat raj bodies - One-third of seats in local government bodies - in panchayat and municipalities- are now reserved for women.
  4. Cabinets - In the government, cabinets are largely all male even when a woman becomes the chief minister or the prime minister. No seats are reserved.
  5. A bill with a proposal has been pending before the parliament f or more than a decade. But there is no consensus over this among all the political parties. The bill has not been passed.
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