When we speak of gender divisions, we usually refer to:

(A) biological difference between men and women.

(B) unequal roles assigned by the society to men and women.

(C) unequal child sex ratio.

(D)absence of voting rights for women in democracies.



So, the correct answer is (b).


Gender Division is the one that assigns unequal roles to men and women . As women are expected to do all the work inside the home and men will do all the work outside the home.

Let’s check all the options

  • (a) biological differences between men and women - Gender division means assigning unequal roles, it has no relation to biological differences. So, this is incorrect.
  • (b) unequal roles assigned by society to men and women -  So this is correct.
  • (c) unequal child sex ratio - as gender division has no relation to child sex ratio, so this is incorrect.
  • (d) absence of voting rights for women in democracies - The absence of voting rights for women is explained as gender inequality and not as gender division. So, this is incorrect.
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