Political Science
Chapter 3 Class 10 Political Science - Gender, Religion and Caste

What form does communalism take in politics?



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Answer to be written in Exam:

  • Communalism means attempts to promote religious ideas between groups of people who are identified as different communities. 
  • Communalism can take various forms in politics:
  • Communalism is in everyday beliefs - The most common expression of communalism is in everyday beliefs. These routinely i nvolve religious p rejudices, stereotypes of religious communities, and belief in the superiority of one’s religion over other religions.
  • Formation of Political parties - A communal mind often leads to a quest for political dominance of one’s own religious community.
  • For those belonging to the majority community , this takes the form of majoritarian dominance.
  • For those belonging to the minority community , it can take the form of a desire to form a separate political unit.
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