• India has been a nautical country since ancient times.
  • Waterways are the cheapest mode of transport .
  • They are most suitable for transporting large and bulky items.
  • It is a fuel-efficient and environment-friendly mode of transport.
  • India has 14,500 kilometers of inland navigation waterways.
  • The government has designated the following waterways as National Waterways .
    • National Waterway 1 : The Ganga river between Allahabad and Haldia (1620 km)-
    • National Waterway 2 : The Brahmaputra river between Sadiya and Dhubr i (891 km)-
    • National Waterway 3 : The West-Coast Canal in Kerala (Kottapurma-Kollam, Udyogamandal, and Champakkara canals (205 km) 
    • National Waterway 4 : Specified stretches of Godavari and Krishna rivers along with Kakinada Puducherry stretch of canals (1078 km)
    • National Waterway 5: Specified stretches of river Brahmani along with Matai river, delta channels of Mahanadi and Brahmani rivers and East Coast Canal (588 km)
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