Political Science
Chapter 4 Class 9 Political Science - Working of Institutions

Describe how the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers are appointed.



Answer to be written in the exam:

  1. The President appoints the leader of the majority party or the coalition of parties that commands a majority in the Lok Sabha, as Prime Minister.

  2. In case no single party or alliance gets a majority, the President appoints the person most likely to secure majority support.

  3. The President appoints other ministers on the advice of the Prime Minister.

  4. The Ministers are usually from the party or the coalition that has the majority in the Lok Sabha.

  5. The Prime Minister is free to choose ministers as they are members of Parliament. A person who is not a member of Parliament can also become a minister, but he has to get elected to one of the Houses of Parliament within six months of appointment as minister. 
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