Political Science
Chapter 4 Class 9 Political Science - Working of Institutions

Explain the need of political institutions.



Answer to be written in the exam:

Political executive:   

  1. The people elect it for a specified period.

  2. The political executive is more powerful than the permanent executive.

  3. The ministers of political executives are elected by the people, so they are answerable to the people for their work. That’s why the ministers take all the final decisions. 

  Permanent executive:  

  1. In the second category, people who are appointed on a long-term basis, are called permanent executives.

  2. Officials working in civil services are called civil servants . They are also called bureaucrats.

  3. They remain in office even when the ruling party changes . These officers work under the political executive and assist them in carrying out day-to-day administration.  Thus, a permanent executive is more powerful. 
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