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Ordinary People and the Crimes Against Humanity

Many people saw the world through Nazi eyes and spoke in Nazi language .

  • When they saw someone who resembled a Jew, they felt a surge of hatred and anger within them. 
  • They trul y believed that Nazism would bring prosperity and general well-being.
  • However, not every German was a Nazi. 
  • Many organized a ctive a nti-Nazi resistance, risking police repression and death.
  • The majority of German s watched in silence the atrocities faced by the Jewish community.
  • Charlotte Beradt secretly recorded people's dreams in her diary and later published them in the book Third Reich of Dreams. 
  • She describes how Jews began to believe the Nazi stereotypes about them.
  • Stereotypical images circulated in the Nazi press haunted Jews.
  • Many Jews died before they were sent to the gas chamber.

Knowledge about the Holocaust

  • Jews wanted the rest of the world to remember the atrocities and sufferings they endured during the Nazi killing campaigns, also known as the Holocaust.
  • Many ghetto and camp residents kept diaries, kept notebooks, and created archives .
  • When the war appeared to lose, the Nazi leadership distributed petrol to its functionaries in order to destroy all incriminating evidence in offices.
  • The holocaust's history and memory live on in many parts of the world today through memoirs, fiction, documentaries, poetry, memorials, and museums.

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