Describe the problems faced by the Weimar Republic.



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Problems faced by the Weimar Republic:

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Problems faced by the Weimar Republic:

Weimar republic faced political radicalization as well as an economic crisis .

  • The Weimar Constitution had flaws that made it unstable and vulnerable to dictatorship.
  • Another flaw was Article 48 , which granted the President the authority to declare an emergency, suspend civil rights, and rule by decree. 
  •  Many governments changed in a short period of time, causing people to lose faith in  
  • the Democratic Parliamentary System.

Political radicalization only increased by the economic crisis in 1923.

  • The Weimar Republic was confronted with a series of violent uprisings as well as a devastating economic crisis .
  • Germany had fought the war majorly on loans and had to repay them in gold . This depleted gold reserves at a time when resources were scarce.
  • The value of the mark collapsed, and prices of goods soared . Image of Germans carrying cartloads of currency notes to buy a loaf of bread was widely publicized evoking worldwide sympathy. 
  • Prices of commodities rise and resulting in hyperinflation .
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