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Explain what role women had in Nazi society. Return to Chapter 1 on the French Revolution. Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the role of women in the two periods.



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Role women had in Nazi society

  • Children in Germany under the leadership of Nazis were told that women were radically different from men. 
  • Girls were taught to be good mothers and raise pure-blooded Aryan children.
  • In Nazi Germany, not all mothers were treated equally.
  • Girls had to maintain the purity of race. 
  • They had to keep distance from the Jews, look after their home and teach Nazi values to their children.
  • Women who gave birth to racially undesirable children were punished, while those who gave birth to racially desirable children were rewarded .

Role women had in the French revolution

In contrast to the women in the Nazism rule, the women in France 

  • The women in France were involved in revolutionary movements. 
  • They demand equal political rights and the right to vote .
  • The revolutionary government introduces laws in the favor of women which includes:
    • Education was made compulsory for all girls
    • Women could now be trained for jobs or run a small business
    • Marriages were made into the contract and should register under civil law .
    • Divorce was made legal and could be applied to both women and men.

Thus, we can observe that women in Germany under Nazi rule had completely different lifestyles and roles in a contrast to the women of France.

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