The Nazi Worldview

  • According to the Nazi’s ideology, there was no equality between people , but only a racial hierarchy. 
  • According to this ideology, blue-eyed, Nordic German Aryans were at the top, while Jews were at the bottom .
  • Jews came to be regarded as an anti-race , the arch-enemies of the Aryans.
  • Hitler's racism was influenced by thinkers such as Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer.
  • Darwin was a natural scientist who tried to explain the creation of plants and animals through the concept of evolution and natural selection .
  • Herbert Spencer gave the idea of the survival of the fittest.
  • According to the  survival of the fittest idea , only those species survived on earth that could adapt themselves to changing climatic conditions
  • The Nazi argument was simple: the strongest race would survive while the weak would perish. The Aryan race was the dominant race.
  • The Aryans  had to maintain its purity , build up strength , and rule the world.
  • The other aspect of Hitler’s ideology related to the geopolitical concept of Lebensraum, or living space.
  • He believed that new territories needed to be acquired i n order to be settled. This would increase the area of the mother country while allowing settlers on new lands to maintain an intimate connection with their place of origin. 
  • It would also increase the German nation's material resources and power .

Establishment of the Racial State

  • Once in power, the Nazis established an exclusive racial community of pure Germans by physically eliminating all those deemed 'undesirable' throughout the empire.
  • Nazis wanted only a society of ‘pure and healthy Nordic Aryans
  • Along with the Jews   many Gypsies and blacks living in Nazi Germany were c onsidered as racial ‘inferiors’ who threatened the biological purity of the ‘superior Aryan race. 
  • When Germany conquered Poland and parts of Russia, captured civilians were forced to work as slave labour .
  • J ews remained the w orst sufferers in Nazi Germany.
  • They had been s tereotyped as killers of Christ and usurer .
  • Jews were lived i n the separately marked area called ghettos.
  • From 1933 to 1938 the Nazis terrorized, pauperized and segregated the Jews , compelling them to leave the country.
  • During 1939-1945 , aimed at concentrating them in certain areas and eventually killing them in gas chambers in Poland. 

The Racial Utopia

  • Hitler occupied North-Western Poland.
  • Poles were forced to leave their home and properties.
  • Poles were then herded like cattle in the other part and called the General Government , the destination of all ‘undesirables’ of the empire.
  •  Many members of the Polish intelligentsia were murdered in order to keep the entire population intellectually and spiritually servile.
  •  Polish children who resembled Aryans were taken from their mothers and examined by 'race experts’.
  • If they passed the race tests, they were raised in German families ; if not, they were placed in orphanages, where the majority died.
  • With some of the largest ghettos and gas chambers, the General Government also served as the killing fields for the Jews.
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