Steps to Death

  • The Jewish have no right to live in Germany as a citizen.
  • There was a law introduced known as the Nuremberg Laws of citizenship of September 1935
    • Only Persons of German or related blood would enjoy the protection of the German empire. 
    •  Marriages between Jews and Germans were forbidden.  
    • Extramarital relations between Jews and Germans became a crime.  
    •  Jews were forbidden to fly the national flag.
  • Other legal measures against the jewish community include:
    •  Boycott of Jewish businesses 
    • Expulsion from government services 
    • Forced selling and confiscation of their properties
  • Besides this, Jewish properties were vandalized and looted, houses attacked, synagogues burnt and men arrested in a pogrom in November. 1938, remembered as ‘the night of broken glass’

Stage 2: Ghettoisation 1940 - 1944 

  • The jewish have no right to live in Germany among Aryans.
  • Separate identification marks were given to the jewish people.
  • From September 1941 , all Jews had to wear a yellow Star of David on their breasts.
  • This identity mark was stamped on their passport, all legal documents and houses.
  • They were kept in Jewish homes in Germany and in eastern ghettos such as Lodz and Warsaw. 
  • These places became epicenters of extreme misery and poverty.
  • Due to deprivation and poor hygiene , the ghettos brimming with hunger, starvation, and disease .

Stage 3: Annihilation 1941 onwards: 

  • Atlast , Jews have no right to live.
  • They were charred in gas chambers in Poland and other parts of the east, most notably Belzek, Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno, and Majdanek.
  •  Mass murders were carried out within minutes with scientific precision.
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