Periods in History

  • Dates in history are linked to events , some of which can be assigned specific dates , while others can only be assigned centuries

  • Periods in history are broad divisions that mark how the society, economy, culture and politics of one period differed from that of the preceding or the succeeding periods

  • Periodization in history has changed over time based on something that has had a profound impact on the way we live

  • Some examples of periodization are ancient, medieval and modern ; or based on the arrival of Turks or British in India

  • Periodization can be simplistic and reflect only political changes, not social or economic changes

The Modern Period in History

  • The modern period is generally taken as starting from the eighteenth century

  • Some of the defining features of the modern period are scientific progress, industrialization, colonization, and urbanization or growth of cities

  • These changing trends were first visible in Europe and later influenced India
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