Chapter 1 Class 8 History - The Modern Period

What do you understand by periodization in history?


Answer by Student

  • Periodization in history is the process of dividing the past into different periods or eras based on some criteria or characteristics .

  • Periodization in history helps to organize and classify the past according to some common themes or features that distinguish one period from another.

  • Periodization in history is not fixed or absolute, but rather relative and subjective, depending on the perspective and purpose of the historian.

  • Periodization in history can be based on various factors, such as political, social, economic, cultural, religious, geographical, chronological, etc. For example, historians may divide Indian history into ancient, medieval, and modern periods based on political unity and cultural diversity.

  • Periodization in history can also be challenged and revised, as new evidence, interpretations, and perspectives emerge. For example, historians may question the validity or relevance of certain periods or labels, such as the Dark Ages or the Renaissance.
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