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Chapter 1 Class 7 Geography - Our Environment

The earth would have been a barren planet without the atmosphere. Do you agree  with this statement? Why?



Answer by Student

  • Yes, I agree with this statement because the atmosphere is the blanket of air that surrounds the earth and performs many vital functions for life and environment. Some of the reasons why the earth would have been a barren planet without the atmosphere are:

    • The atmosphere protects the earth from harmful radiation from the sun and from meteoroids that could cause damage to the surface.

    • The atmosphere regulates the temperature of the earth by trapping some of the heat from the sun and preventing it from escaping into space. This creates a suitable climate for living beings.

    • The atmosphere provides oxygen for respiration, carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, water vapor for precipitation, and nitrogen for plant growth. These are essential for the survival and growth of plants and animals.

    • The atmosphere supports various natural phenomena like wind, clouds, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, etc. These create diversity and beauty in the environment.

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