Chapter 1 Class 7 Geography - Our Environment

How have human needs undergone changes with the passage of time and technological development?



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  • Human needs are the basic requirements for survival and well-being, such as food, water, shelter, clothing, health, education, etc.

  • Human needs have undergone changes with the passage of time and technological development due to various factors, such as population growth, environmental degradation, cultural diversity, economic development, etc.

  • Some of the changes in human needs are:

    • Increase in quantity and quality of food: As the population increased, so did the demand for food. Technological development enabled the production of more and better food through improved seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, storage, etc.

    • Diversification in sources and types of water: As the availability of water decreased due to pollution and overuse, people had to find alternative sources of water, such as groundwater, rainwater harvesting, desalination, etc. People also started using different types of water for different purposes, such as drinking, cooking, washing, etc.

    • Variation in design and material of shelter: As the climate and culture changed, so did the preferences for shelter. Technological development enabled the construction of different types of shelter, such as tents, huts, houses, apartments, etc. using different materials, such as wood, stone, brick, cement, steel, etc.

    • Improvement in access and quality of health and education: As the awareness and aspiration increased, so did the demand for health and education. Technological development enabled the provision of better health and education services through improved medicines, vaccines, equipment, facilities, curriculum, etc.
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