Chapter 1 Class 7 Geography - Our Environment

Explain the relationship between geography and environment?



Answer by Student

  • Geography and environment are related because geography is the study of places and the environment is everything that makes up our surroundings .

  • Geography helps us to understand the physical and human features of different places and how they affect each other.

  • The environment can be classified into three categories: natural , human-made , and human . Geography deals with the study of various components of the environment and their interrelationships .

  • Geography can be divided into two main branches: physical geography and human geography . Physical geography studies the natural features of the Earth’s surface, such as landforms, climate, soil, water, vegetation, wildlife, etc. Human geography studies the distribution of people and cultures on Earth’s surface, such as population, settlement, agriculture, industry, transport, etc.

  • Geography helps us to understand how human activities affect the environment and vice versa. Geography also helps us to develop a sense of responsibility towards our environment and to adopt sustainable practices to conserve it for future generations.
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