• Environment : all the external conditions in which the organism lives

  • Comes from French word environer, meaning to surround

  • Includes natural and human-made elements.

  • Geography: studies the components and interrelationship of environment

Natural Environment

  • Created by nature, such as mountains, rivers, vegetation, animals, etc.

  • Includes biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components

  • Changes due to natural processes and human activities

Human-made Environment

  • Created by human beings, such as agriculture, industries, settlements, transport, etc.

  • Developed to live comfortably in the environment

  • Changes due to human activities and natural processes

Interaction of Environments

  • Natural and human-made environments affect each other

  • Examples of changes:
    • Landforms are modified by erosion, deposition, construction, etc.

    • Climate varies in different seasons and regions

    • Species of plants and animals become extinct or evolve

    • Human evolution was influenced by environmental changes
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