Chapter 4 Class 6 History - The First Cities

What occupations and crafts did the Harappans practise?



Answer to be written in the exam:

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  • Agriculture was the main occupation of the Harappan people, and they were skilled in growing wheat, barley, rice, and other crops. They also raised livestock such as cattle, sheep, and goats.

  • Trade was an important part of the Harappan economy, and they engaged in long-distance trade with other regions, including Mesopotamia and Central Asia.

  • The Harappan people were skilled in many crafts, including pottery-making, metal-working, weaving, and jewelry-making . They produced a variety of pottery, including painted and plain pottery, and they used a variety of metals, including copper, bronze, and gold, to create ornaments and other objects.

  • The Harappan people were also skilled in bead-making, shell-working, and bone-carving. They produced a variety of beads from materials such as agate, jasper, and carnelian, and they used shells and bones to create ornaments and other objects.

  • The Harappan people were known for their use o f seals, which were made from steatite and featured engraved images of animals, humans, and other objects. The seals were likely used for trade and administrative purposes.
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