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Chapter 4 Class 6 History - The First Cities

What do you know about the drainage system of the Indus Valley civilisation?



Answer to be written in the exam:

  • The cities of the Indus Valley had a well-planned network of streets and public spaces, which were built with careful attention to drainage and sanitation.

  • The drainage system included brick-lined channels and underground drains that carried waste water and sewage away from the city.

  • The drains were designed with a slight slope to ensure that water flowed freely, and they were periodically cleaned to prevent blockages and keep the system functioning properly.

  • Some of the drains were even equipped with trapdoors and manholes for easy access and maintenance.

  • The Indus Valley people also built public baths and toilets, which were connected to the drainage system.

  • The use of this drainage system helped to maintain a high level of sanitation in the Indus Valley cities, which likely contributed to the health and well-being of the population.

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