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Chapter 4 Class 6 History - The First Cities

Into how many parts were most Indus cities divided? Describe any one part.



Answer to be written in the exam:

  • Most cities, including Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, were divided into two parts- Citadel and Lower town.

  • Citadel - The part that was built on raised grounds is called the citadel or the acropolis. It had walls made of bricks , which provided protection during floods.

  • The citadel contained public buildings, religious structures and granaries.

  • The ruler and the ruling class, consisting of rich merchants and priests, probably lived in the citadel.

  • Lower town - It was a t a lower height but much bigger area . It had small buildings and houses of the common people.

  • The Lower Town was made up of many houses that were built close together and arranged in a grid pattern.

  •  The houses were made of mud bricks and had multiple rooms. The streets in the Lower Town were straight and intersected at right angles.

  • The Lower Town also had many public buildings, like a granary, a bathhouse, and a marketplace. 

* explain any one part .

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