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Chapter 1 Class 9 Geography - India-Size And Location

"Our country has cultural linkage with entire  Asian countries through the ages." Explain the  statement.

Answer :

Answer to be written in the exam :

India is A southward extension of the Asian subcontinent.

  1.   Trans-Indian Ocean routes connect the countries  of Europe in the West and the countries of East  Asia which provides a strategic location to our  country. 
  1.  The passes across the mountains in the  North have provided passages to the ancient  travellers. These routes have contributed in  the exchange of ideas and commodities since  ancient times. 
  2.  The ideas of Upanishads, Ramayana, the  stories of Panchatantra, the Indian numerals  and the decimal system could thus reach  many parts of the world. Spices, muslin and  other merchandise were taken from India to  different countries.  On the other hand, influence of Greek  sculpture, their architectural styles of domes   and minarets, can be seen in India. 

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