Chapter 1 Class 9 Geography - India-Size And Location

Why is the difference between the duration of day and night hardly felt at Kanyakumari but not so in  Kashmir?

Answer :

Answer to be written in the exam :

  1.  The difference in the duration of day and night  at Kanyakumari and Kashmir are respectively due  to their latitudinal locations. 
  2.   Kanyakumari is located closer to the Equator, i.e, 8°  away from the Equator. 
  3.   Kanyakumari is close to the Equator, whereas  Kashmir is far from the Equator. Kanyakumari is  at 8°N latitude.
    •  As Equator receives direct sunlight, the duration  between day and night would hardly be felt at  Kanyakumari.
    •  On the other hand, Kashmir is at  37° N latitude, which means that it is 37° away  from the Equator and receives slanting sunlight . So,  there would be a difference in the duration of day  and night in Kashmir. This difference causes a time  lag between Kashmir and Kanyakumari.
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