Chapter 4 Class 10 History - The Age of Industrialization

 What was the role of the ‘Jobber’?


Points to remember:

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  • Getting jobs was always difficult even when mills multiplied and the demand for workers increased. 
  • The numbers seeking work were always more than the jobs available. Entry into the mills was also restricted.
  •  That is why industrialists employed “jobbers” to get recruits for them.
  • The jobber later started demanding money and gifts for his favors and controlling the lives of workers.


Answer to be written in Exam:

  • Jobber was an old and trusted worker employed by industrialists to get recruits.
  • He got people from his village, ensured them jobs , helped them settle in the city, and provided them with money in times of crisis .
  • The jobber was a person with some authority and powers.
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