Chapter 4 Class 10 History - The Age of Industrialization

In the 17th century, merchants from towns in Europe began employing peasants and artisans within the villages. Explain.


Points to remember:

  • When merchants came around and offered advances to produce goods for them peasant households eagerly agreed as they can continue to live in their villages and can fully use the family labor force.

Answer to be written in Exam:

  •   People who lived in small houses and villagers were looking for new other choices of incom e.
  • Tiny plots of land with the villagers could not provide work for all members of the family. 
  • Advances offered by the people who sell things made the villagers easily agree to produce products that are bought and sold for them.
  • People can continue to remain in the villages and can cultivate their land also just by working for the merchants.

(Write any 3 points)

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