English Class 8

You are Nishant, a reporter of ‘The Hindustan Times’. You visited the factories of Firozabad and were shocked  to see the children working in the miserable conditions of the factories. Write a report in about 150 words on  the same.






          Children Working in Hazardous Conditions  


 Reporter, Hindustan Times, Firozabad 

23rd November, 2021  

1️⃣In Firozabad most of the people can be seen working in glass factories. It is really pathetic to see the children  working there because the conditions there are miserable. Many children below the age of 14 years can be seen working in glass factories in dingy cells with hardly any  light.2️⃣The children when asked the reason, replied, they had to work to support their families. They are unable to adjust their eyes in light and many young were found to have lost their eyesight at a very young age. 3️⃣These children belong to poor families where instead of sending them to school it becomes a compulsion to send them to work. The children overall were found to be working in hazardous conditions. 

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