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You are Drishti of Jaipur. You have recently purchased an L.G. Television from S. K. Electronics, Nehru Bazar,  Jaipur, but the picture quality is not good. Write a letter of complaint asking them to exchange it.










10 August, 2022


The SHO,

Janakpuri Police Station,



Subject : Theft of scooter


Respected Sir,

1️⃣I would like to bring your kind attention towards the theft of my scooter which was stolen from the Janakpuri West metro station .2️⃣I parked my scooter in the parking area and went to the market to buy certain stuff. 3️⃣When I came back, I was shocked to find out that the scooter was not where I parked it. I thought somebody must have moved it but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the vicinity . When I enquired about it from the people standing nearby they were not of any help and rather blamed me that I must have left my keys in it.  4️⃣Here are the model details:

Company: Vespa

Model: Notte (Black)

Registration Number: DL5C6666

5️⃣Please be kind enough to help me locate it. I will be highly obliged and grateful


Thanking you


Yours Faithfully,

Karan Sharma

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