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English Class 8

You are Rajan, a reporter of ‘The Hindu’. You saw the ‘Taj Mahotsav’, a fair held in Agra. Write a report in  about 150 words on the same.





Taj Mahotsav at Agra 


   Rajan,  Reporter, The Hindu  

20th February, 2022  

1️⃣Like every year the Taj Mahotsav has been held in Agra. It is a trade fair where people from all over the country  come to sell their goods. This is the best time for the artisans to show their craftsmanship. 2️⃣The fair was inaugurated by Mr. Ajay Chauhan, D.M., Agra on 18th of February and will end on 27th of February.  There are more than 500 stalls in all, dealing in clothes, wood work, home made spices and pickles etc. Other  than this there are counters for edibles.  There are many attractions for children. There are different rides, car striking and other games. There is a full provision of safety with enough police deployed everywhere in fair.  3️⃣There are many cultural events that take place in the fair. Artists of national and international fame are expected  to come and perform on the stage.  Overall the fair is expected to attract a large number of people and do even a better business than the previous  years. 

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