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English Class 8

You are Ritwik, a student of Modern Public School, Ranikhet. You saw one of the peon of your school, speaking  in very rude and abusive language with one of the students of your school. Write an e-mail to your Principal  informing him the same.  Ans. Date: 13th November 20XX






Date: 13 November, 2021



Subject: Abusive language used by peon


Respected Sir,

1️⃣It is a matter of great concern that the staff of the school is using 

abusive language in front of young students. 2️⃣Yesterday, my friend was 

running in the corridor and the peon outside your office stopped him and 

started using obscene and vulgar language. I know what my friend was 

doing is against the rules but that is not an excuse for the peon to indulge 

in such behaviour. Even one teacher in the staff room heard it.


3️⃣I request you to take a strict action regarding the person as it leaves a 

very bad impression on a student’s mind.




Ritwik Singh

VI - B

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