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English Class 8

You are Ishant of Meerut. Your friend Manik of Agra has recently got a place in under 16 cricket team of India.  Write a letter of congratulation to him.







Uttar Pradesh

10 August, 2022

Dear Manik,

1️⃣I hope this letter finds you in pink of your health and accept my heartiest congratulations on being selected in the Under - 16 cricket team .2️⃣I came home from my work and my father informed me about it and I am so happy for you . 3️⃣The dedication and zeal with which I have seen you work hard towards this goal of yours is something I take inspiration from . 4️⃣Also, I know that this will get you one step closer to your dream and I want you to always keep working hard and never let any success get to your head or any failure to your heart.  

5️⃣I wish you all the luck for the tournament and just remember that my party is due.


Yours Lovingly,

Ishant Sharma

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